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Why pixanomy

pixanomy is a powerful and new way to upload, share, and sell your images to the world. Rather your a photographer, artists, or casual photo taker, then pixanomy is the place for you.

Lightning Fast

Users can rest assure that pixanomy will be fast, secure, and a safe environment. We have optimize our platform so that images load quickly, are beautiful across all devices, and remain in their original format.

Easy to Use

We make it easy for everyone to upload their images to our platform. Just go to your dashboard, upload your images, set a price if you want, and start sharing and selling.

Strategy & Planning

When you take a picture or start to draw, you are in control, we cater to small businesses and casual photographers with tools for you to expand to become a very profitable individual or business.

Selling Tools

We have tons of goodies for you to take advantage of, if you are a business looking for images from an individual or another business. We have you covered. Use our app or someone's else, take that incredible image or draw that amazing art and sell to the masses.

We pride ourselves on being practical to the “small” guys. We give back more to you because we believe everyone should be free of the restraints of the rules of the big guys. We provide you with 60% of each sale you make. More than any other platform. If you have a Paypal account then that's all you need to start making money.