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About Us

pixanomy started in 2017 as an image hosting site similar to Flickr. However, charging to host your images wasn't our thing. So we changed course allowing people to upload an unlimited amount of images and sharing them within the community and across the world. As well anyone can upload their work and make money from it. Now that is what we call evolving. 


A Modern Take

Before individual photographers and artists could only rely on their cameras and art supplies. But now technology is helping to build digital worlds around images and artwork easier and faster and thats why we created pixanomy to make it even easier.


Not another

We refused to make another image site that focuses on just a mobile take on uploading and sharing images. We wanted to combined that community feel and with an online store. It allows people to share their work while making money from it as well. 


Local Efforts

Local artists are the best in our opinion. Unbound by the decisions of corporations, just pure free flowing imaginations. So we built a community and made it even easier to get their work into the public eye. With easy to use tools, apps, website, social networking, and more.

Fair Imaging Pricing

We pride ourselves on being the best option to get you selling

We offer 75% of each sale to the photographer and artists. We don't hold your money, you get it instantly once it sells. Plus we also make sure that with Paypal integration that everything is fast and secure.